Grammarly vs Ginger: Which is best for us?

Content writing is not just a single-step process of generating and publishing content. It involves a lot of other functions as well. These involve selecting the right content, putting the thoughts and ideas down in a presentable manner, looking for corrections and editing them, getting the article proofread, and many more. Thus it is not possible for a single person to do all this on his own. To ease out things, today software is available to edit and modify the content, 

Thus by realizing the importance of a grammar checker, different software is available to edit the grammatical mistakes in the article. Softwares such as Grammarly, Ginger, Whitesmoke, and Scribes aid in writing error-free content. Not just checking the grammatical mistakes, they also provide suggestions about the writing styles which can be used to improve the readability of the content and also gives proper explanations for the errors for a better understanding. 

Grammarly vs Ginger Comparison

About Grammarly:

Grammarly is an advanced American technology that acts as an enhanced writing assistant offering high-quality content. It uses proofreading and other editing tools to provide error-free articles.

Features of Grammarly:

  • Grammar Check– It checks and corrects the grammar of the article with maximum accuracy and gives a proper explanation for the correction. It detects both basic and advanced level mistakes to make the article ready to be published. also keeps a check of the disused or unused punctuation marks. 
  • Plagiarism– Grammarly helps in checking content and highlights the portions which seem to be plagiarised or unneeded. It checks the content of over eight billion other websites to check its validity. 
  • Writing Style– Grammarly provides suggestions about the readability score and writing style. For a better and concise reading, it checks out for long difficult sentences and tries to shorten them. 
  • Spell Check– Grammarly includes the best spell-checking tool to detect every mistaken spelling, correct them, and offer the right set of words to be used.
  • Plugins–  Grammarly offers MS Office, Google Chrome and MS Outlook plugins

Grammarly Pricing:

Grammarly is available in two versions- Free and Premium.

The Premium or the paid version involves the following pricing-  

  • The monthly subscription costs $29.95
  • A quarterly subscription costs $19.98 
  • Taking annual subscription costs $11.66 per month

Benefits of Grammarly:

Even the free version of the software offers a lot of features:

  • It accurately corrects the grammatical errors in the content including any issues with the spelling or punctuation
  • Helps by suggesting various writing styles, keeping in mind the purpose and goal of the article
  • Provides detailed explanations for the mistakes and offers synonyms thereby improving the vocabulary of the user
  • Enhances the readability of the document by making the content much easier and cleaner to read

Disadvantages of Grammarly:

  • The Premium version is quite expensive as compared to its competitors.
  • The software can never replace a human editor. Likewise, even Grammarly seems to slip through some mistakes.
  • The emotion and personal tone attached to an article by an editor have not match the software.

About Ginger Grammar Checker

Ginger is a remarkably useful enhancement tool that guides its users to create errorless content. It detects the corrections along with the mistakes along the way while the user types the words making the entire process very fast.

Features of Ginger:

Translator- Ginger offers its users the benefit of translating content into 60+ languages. It also keeps check of the shift of UK and US English languages.

  • Spell Correction– It helps in checking and correcting the misspelled words and altering them. 
  • Synonyms– Ginger highlights the repetitive words and suggests a new pair of words instead. Providing synonyms enhances the vocabulary of the users and also makes the article less boring to read.
  • Plagiarism Checker– Ginger gives importance to the creation of original content, this is the reason why it carefully scans the documents for any kind of plagiarism content.
  • Sentence Analysis– It carefully analyzes each and every sentence for any mistakes and corrects them automatically with a proper explanation and videos.  

Ginger Pricing:

Ginger is available in two versions- Free and Premium. The Premium or the paid version involves the following pricing-  

  • The monthly subscription costs $29.96
  • A quarterly subscription costs $19.98 
  • Taking an annual subscription costs $12.48 per month

Benefits of Ginger:

  • The availability of videos along with a written explanation helps in the clear understanding of the mistakes
  • The services it provides such as translation and auto spell-check are beneficial
  • Ginger allows its users to express their thoughts in different languages

Cons of Ginger:

  • The paid version of the software detects more errors than its free one.
  • The accuracy of correction depends upon the format of the document uploaded.
  • It requires a constant internet connection

Grammarly or Ginger?

There is a direct and positive relationship between having a strong command of English and being successful. No matter how well constructed the content is if it is not written well it will have no meaning. Not having a strong command of English shouldn’t stop you from being a good writer.

Many bloggers and writers are professionals or otherwise make mistakes while writing. To avoid such errors they hire editors and proofreaders. But today most of them correct their own mistakes with the help of the given online tools. 

While both the software are widely used and come with their own benefits and features, Grammarly is mostly reviewed to be at the top because of its higher accuracy in analyzing and correcting mistakes. It displays a readability and accuracy score of the content which is absent in Ginger.

Right from the incorrect use of punctuations, numerals and other 400 factors,  Grammarly detects them all, whereas Ginger is just limited to checking grammar. Although Ginger is as good software as Grammarly in some of its functions, it includes some unnecessary features such as translation and text reader. The only difference in both the software is quality where Grammarly wins the race. 

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