4 Best Grammar Checker Tools for Freelancers

No matter how experienced and skilled a writer is, can you match the efficiency of artificial intelligence? Well, the answer is NO. Notwithstanding the quality of content, sending or publishing a draft article with various spelling and punctuation errors makes the content look weak and unreliable.

Thus it is imperative to proofread the articles for a better review. With a heavy workload, it is not possible for writers, authors, or even freelancers to double-check their works. In such a situation, the grammar checker software comes to their rescue. Keeping this in mind, there was a time when Microsoft used to own and rule as the primary grammar corrector tool. But now, there has emerged a lot of other different software to give it competition. 

Best Grammar Checker Freelancers

Best Grammar Checker for Freelancers

1. Grammarly

Grammarly is one of the best and most widely used writing enhancement tools. A very good example of advanced American technology, this software uses artificial intelligence to correct grammatical mistakes. The wide range of high-quality services that it offers to its users has made it so popular. 

Grammarly Features:

  • It checks the content from over 8 billion websites to see whether the article is plagiarism and highlights the plagiarism portions. 
  • For a better readability score, Grammarly checks out for long sentences, detects the voice of the sentences and highlights them. 
  • It accurately checks and corrects all the grammatical errors, spelling mistakes or any other punctuation errors in the article.
  • Keeping in mind the audience and the writing style, Grammarly evaluates the content and edits it accordingly.

Grammarly is available in two versions-free and paid. The free version allows the freelancers to check their writings on social media, email and WordPress. The paid version comes with some extra benefits like an in-depth explanation of the mistakes and recommendations on the genre-specific writing style. 

Although there are no specific guidelines regarding the use of Grammarly, it is a highly suggestible software for bloggers, freelancers and authors. Grammarly is one such software that cuts down the time and money of hiring someone or correcting the mistakes oneself. It serves this right as it stands as quite an important tool for every writer or whoever wishes to write error-free content. 

2. Ginger

A highly popular tool since its establishment in 2007, Ginger is a great grammar checker with an additional benefit of a translator. It is a useful writing tool that detects the corrections along the mistakes along the way while the user types the words making the entire process very fast. 

Ginger Features:

  • It uses its advanced features to evaluate and correct grammatical mistakes in the content.
  • It carefully analyzes every sentence for any mistakes and rephrases it.
  • For a better understanding of the mistakes and to learn from them Ginger provides proper explanations along with videos.
  • It keeps check of the shift of UK and US English languages and provides its users the benefit of translating the content into 60+ languages.

Like other software, Ginger is also available in free and paid versions. The free version of the software is good for students and others for their basic daily assignments or work. But the premium version, along with a free 7-day trial is highly recommended for professionals such as those working in offices or bloggers, freelancers and writers. 

3. Whitesmoke

One of the cheapest proofreading software with its recent interface update in 2018, Whitesmoke is a great choice for businesses. Although it was initially started with an aim to guide the students, gradually it advanced itself to be used in businesses and professional content writing as well.

Whitesmoke Features:

  • Whether it be a punctuation error or a spelling error, nothing gets undetected by this software. Not only written explanations, but this software also provides video tutorials to its users for their better understanding. 
  • Whitesmoke offers various templates such as those related to financial matters, letters such as apology letters, love letters or anniversary letters which saves time in formatting the documents. 
  • Whitesmoke helps in improving the structure of the sentences keeping in mind the writing style of the user.
  • The availability of a dictionary helps in understanding mistakes and adding synonyms to the content. 
  • Whitesmoke uses around 92 technologies for its website and is easily accessible on all browsers such as Firefox, Safari, Opera and Chrome.  Apart from this, the software is also available in an application form on Android and iOS.

As compared to the other software, Whitesmoke is an affordable software with a user-friendly interface. Unlike other software, it does not offer any free version to be used, rather only provides its exclusive services to its users in the paid version. Whitesmoke is designed to tailor to the specific needs of the writers in the corporate field or any other event.  

4. ProWritingAid

ProWritingAid is a great software that serves as a personal content writing coach. It is an online content writing and enhancement tool which guarantees an error-free article to its users.  This free language tool not just corrects the mistakes, but also improves the grammar, spelling and vocabulary of its users.

ProWritingAid Features:

  • The in-built grammar checkers highlight and correct even the slightest mistakes in the article.
  • It helps writers in learning from their mistakes and improve their skills in the future by providing explanations for the mistakes.
  • The software recognizes the plagiarised content and highlights them to be corrected. Removing the plagiarised content makes the article ready for publishing.
  • ProWritingAid detects repetitive, monotonous words and replaces them with synonyms. 

For students or bloggers(especially beginners) who need just a little assistance in their work can enjoy the free version of the software. However, for more professional use for authors and experienced writers, the premium version is suitable. ProWritingAid’s unique reporting function makes it stand out from the other software. It provides a detailed report including different scores based on the performance.

Today, it’s no surprise that grammar checker tools are on a rise. Owing to the rate at which the corporate world is progressing, it is difficult for content writers to spend hours writing and editing their articles. With the emergence of such software, they are at ease in proofreading their content just by the click of a button.

Making use of the different language processors and artificial intelligence, robots are now writing stories that were once fetched by journalists. Therefore making use of the current technology by the freelancers has helped them a lot in writing. The above-mentioned software might not entirely modify the content giving it a new look, but eliminating all the unwanted words making the article look more presentable. 

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