Grammarly Review: Everything You Need to Know!

Grammarly is an American technology that acts as a writing assistant to offer more comprehensive and error-free content. It uses artificial intelligence and language processing tools to proofread articles. It is a sophisticated grammar checker with seamless integration of hundreds of features and checks. Grammarly is available in two versions- one is the free version and the other is premium which involves a subscription. Although the free version has its own benefits and features, to upgrade your writing to a higher level, one should go for the premium version. 

Grammarly Review

Features of Grammarly:

Unlike the other spelling and grammar checking software, Grammarly has become quite well-known these days, this is because of the amazing features it possesses and the wide range of services it provides to its users. It is available in two different versions, but still, some of the basic characteristics remain the same in both versions. 

  • Plagiarism– Plagiarism is a serious offense, especially when it comes to writing or publishing any article or blog. While one might not do it purposely, it may bear serious results. Grammarly helps in checking content and highlights the portions which seem to be plagiarised or unneeded. 
  • Grammar Check- Not only does it check and correct the grammar and punctuations of the article with 100% accuracy but also gives a proper explanation for the correction. It detects both basic and advanced level mistakes to make the article ready to be published.
  • Spell Check- Grammarly includes the best spell-checking tool to provide error-free content. It detects every mistaken spelling, corrects it, and also provides the synonyms if required.
  • Writing Style–  Like other sophisticated software such as WordPress and SEO, Grammarly provides suggestions about the readability score, and length of the sentence to provide a good insight into the content being generated. Depending upon the type of audience to be reached, it provides tips to be adapted while writing.

Who can use Grammarly?

Be it writing for any purpose such as professional writing, hobby writing or just a casual paragraph, Grammarly serves as a guide to all these. Although there isn’t any age bar for a person to use it, it is mostly used by bloggers, content writers, authors and office bearers to write official reports, emails or notices. For beginners and students, it is the best option to get past their grammatical errors. 

How Grammarly works?

Grammarly has a user-friendly interface and is easy to operate with various options. Firstly, one has to create a Grammarly account followed by which there would be instructions on how to use it. Every content is written keeping in mind certain goals, the type of audience and many other factors. Before editing the articles, Grammarly asks its users for some specifications such as the audience being addressed(general, knowledgeable, expert), intent or writing style (story, inform or convince) and emotion (mild or strong).

After knowing these goals, comes the next step of incorporating the content into the software. This can be done either by writing the content manually, copy-pasting it in the given space or uploading a doc file. Once the content is uploaded or typed, it becomes ready to be corrected where every incorrect word, phrase or sentence is highlighted followed by its correction with a proper explanation. This seems to be quite smooth and hassle-free. 

Grammarly Price Plan

Unlike the trial period of other grammar-checking software, Grammarly has no such option. It has an entire version which is free of cost to be used for an indefinite period of time. It has no restrictions and rather shares a lot of features of its premium version as well.

For individuals with sound knowledge and good command of English, the free version is apt. For those who are still at a beginner’s stage but require content of higher quality, the Premium version is advisable. This is so, because the Grammarly premium version provides some extra benefits- like an in-depth explanation of the mistakes, recommends the genre-specific writing style, provides synonyms and checks plagiarism from around 8 million web pages, making the content more reliable and authentic. 

Is Grammarly worth it, compared to others?

No one can match the work done by a human editor, yet there are hundreds of software to assist us. The sole reason being the ease of availability, services provided and the cost involved. Grammarly is one such software that cuts down the time and money of hiring someone or correcting the mistakes oneself. Every application or software becomes a part of a combination of good and bad reviews based on the services delivered. Grammarly is no different.


  • It provides its users with a user-friendly and easy-to-use interface which makes it more approachable than other software.
  • Through its auto-check feature, it corrects the mistakes the very moment the word is typed, furthermore providing a suitable explanation to it.
  • The free version of Grammarly enables anyone to access it and enjoy its features.
  • It helps its users grow in their understanding by adapting the writing style and tone according to the needs of the content.


  • The Premium version is quite expensive as compared to its competitors.
  • The software can never replace a human editor. Likewise, even Grammarly seems to slip through some mistakes.
  • The emotion and personal tone attached to an article by an editor have no match to software.

Forgoing its disadvantages, Grammarly is a highly rated and preferred software to check grammatical errors. The wide range of features it provides free of cost to its users and the quality of its service is enough to attract users. Nothing can be perfect but at least going for the best is of no harm. Grammarly serves this right as it stands as quite an important tool for every writer or whoever wishes to write error-free content. Besides its free version, the premium version offers some amazing benefits which prove to be fruitful for people, especially those who have English as their second language. 

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