ProWritingAid Review: Is it Worth to Use?

With the advent of a digital world, everything ranging from ordering food to purchasing products and also editing has become online. Gone are the days when blogging or writing content involved hiring a proofreader, content writer, or editor. Everything can now be done just by the click of a button. ProWritingAid is one such software that serves as a personal content writing coach. It corrects the grammatical mistakes, providing explanations for them. 

Pro Writing Aid Review

Features of ProWritingAid:

ProWritingAid is an online content writing and enhancement tool which includes tools to track and report any errors. Its contextual functionalities and features guarantee an error-free article to its users.  

  • Grammar checker– It is integrated with professional grammar checkers which correct even the slightest mistakes and rectifies them. 
  • Valid explanations- Along with correcting the mistakes, ProWritingAid also provides valuable explanations for the mistakes for a better understanding. This helps writers in learning from their mistakes and improve their skills in the future.
  • Sticky Sentences Report– One of the unique features of this software is that it helps in identifying the glue words, i.e. unnecessary words. By avoiding these unnecessary words, the software provides its users with insight, thereby making the content more appealing.
  • Plagiarism Checker– This is an appealing feature that grabs the attention of most writers. The software recognizes the plagiarised content and highlights them to be corrected. Removing the plagiarised content makes the article ready for publishing.
  • Dictionary– The availability of a dictionary that provides the real meanings, and synonyms which enhances the vocabulary while writing content.
  • Repetitive words-  In the flow of writing content, one might often make the mistake of repeating the same words making the article monotonous. ProWritingAid replaces such words adding a new look to the content. 

How to use ProWritingAid?

ProWritingAid can be used to improve writing skills in various ways. Thus it is important to use it to the fullest to avail of its benefits. ProWritingAid offers an online web editor where one can draft, edit, and save documents to their ProWritingAid account. Secondly, one can also simply upload the Microsoft file to get it edited for free. The software also has it’s a desktop application available which is quite similar to its browser. The only difference is that this requires a constant internet connection. ProWritingAid offers a browser extension for Chrome, Safari, and Firefox. 

How much does ProWritingAid cost?

ProWritingAid is available in two different versions-Free and Paid. depending upon the services you want to avail yourself of, one can go for any plan. For students or bloggers(especially beginners) who need just a little assistance in their work can enjoy the free version of the software. However, for more professional use for authors and experienced writers, the premium version is suitable. Unlike other grammar checker software, ProWritingAid does not offer a monthly subscription to its users. The annual costs, as a result, are quite affordable. The pricing costs of the software are:

  • $70 for the 1-year plan
  • $100 for 2 years plan
  • $140 for 3 years plan
  • $240 for a lifetime plan 

If not satisfied with the services of the software, one can refund the money within a 14 days period. Although most of the features are similar for both versions of the software, the Premium version includes some extra benefits with higher quality. 

Benefits of Using ProWritingAid:

  • It is suitable for authors as ProWritingAid provides the option of opening up documents in the form of a book as well. It also provides a word count of the articles chapter-wise while writing or editing a book. 
  • Enhancing the SEO of the content, ProWritingAid checks the readability score and cliches of the article. It also highlights the abstract words, passive sentences, or any other irrelevant writing style used. 
  • By tracking the readability of the content, the software assesses the difficulty level of the article. This helps in getting an idea of whether the readers would read the entire article or just portions.
  • The in-built phrases analyze the writing style and suggest the choice of words to be used accordingly.
  • Spelling consistencies help in carefully detecting the changes made from the US or UK English.
  • ProWritingAid’s unique reporting function makes it stand out from the other software. It does not just stop by highlighting the error and providing an explanation for it. Rather it provides a detailed report including different scores based on the performance.

Besides the splendid benefits of the software, there are certain drawbacks involved as well. One such thing is the unavailability of a mobile application for the software. Limited access of the software to browsers hinders its access for mobile users. Although ProWritingAid provides a lot of features and benefits, it is very slow in its functioning. 

No matter what kind of content you are interested in writing or the expertise you possess, there always seems to be a plate for mistakes. However minor an error be, it is sufficient to ruin the authenticity of the content. To avoid such inconvenience, a lot of writing tools are available and one such is the ProWritingAid.

It is an amazing editing program that offers various grammatical solutions for the article. Appropriate for any grade or level, ProWritingAid provides a lot of features to its users to make writing easy and accurate. These online platforms might not replace the efforts and personal touch of a human editor, but definitely are the best solution for a quick fix.

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