Top 10 Best Email Writing Tools to Make Your Messages Shine Today

Writing an email is not an easy job. Especially when your company’s name is attached to it, you need to be careful of what you are writing. Whether you are sending a follow email to your customers, a request email, or closing a business deal, a well-written email can make you win half the game. Although many organizations realize the importance of this, not many take an interest in hiring a person to construct good mail. Thus for their convenience, there are a plethora of tools available that help them draft and send effective emails. 

Best Email Writing Tools

Best Email Writing Helpful Tools

1. Grammarly

It reflects a bad image of your company if the mail you send has some grammatical mistakes. Grammarly makes sure whatever you write is 100% accurate and devoid of any mistakes. It also suggests different writing styles depending upon the type of message you want to convey or the kind of audience you are reaching out to. It’s an in-built feature of the tone detector that helps in analyzing the tone of the message and corrects it so that it is not interpreted in the wrong way. Grammarly is easily accessible software that is available in free and paid versions. It has a 24*7 support system that provides solutions to any queries readily. 

2. Gorgias

Writing and sending the same emails makes it tedious for both the one writing it and the one reading it. No matter how frequently you send a follow-up email to your customers, having the same format and the same thing to read will make your users avoid the emails no matter how important it is. To make your emails look more appealing and attractive to read, Gorgias provides a lot of templates to choose from. These include acknowledgment letters, job offer letters or introductory mail about the company. With Gorgias, the emails can be sent to the same recipients with a different look and pattern. 

3. Crystal

Different people have different communication skills and so they are to be dealt with differently. Sending a request email with a commanding tone will ruin communication. It is essential to understand the recipient’s personality and the tone suitable to communicate with him. Crystal helps in evaluating the recipient’s personality and determining the most suitable language to be used for effective communication. This adds a personal touch to the message being sent making it more acceptable.

4. If No Reply

A lot of emails to be sent but lost touch of following up to whom you have already sent and the ones left? Well, If No Reply is the best application for you in this case. It is an automated email writing app that helps you schedule follow-up emails. In cases where the messages sent via mail seem to become repetitive, this app quickly provides templates to improve the readability of the mail. If No Reply includes features to customize the emails and make them look perfect before they are sent. 

5. Just Not Sorry

Communication done right or wrong affects the image of your company. Using words such as ‘sorry’, ‘request’ or other such apologetic words might often weaken the efficacy of the message. Furthermore, it also undermines the authority of the organization. Just Not Sorry highlights such flag words thereby making the message more concise and perfect. This Google Chrome extension also erases the phrases which seem to appear weak for the text. Apart from this, the software also highlights the most commonly used or repetitive words making it suitable for writing any other content as well.

6. Hemingway

Hemingway is an online grammar checker tool that helps you to write with clarity. Simply pasting the content of the mail on this software will highlight all the grammatical mistakes in the email such as the misuse of any word, complicated phrases or any passive voice sentences. It helps in sending an email with 100% accuracy in terms of the language and the grammar used. The software uses different color codes to highlight the need for improvements in the messages. It is available in both a free and a desktop version for its users. 

7. Polymail

Polymail is one of the most advanced email writing tools with a combination of features of other writing tools. As an extension of Mac, with Polymail you can schedule your incoming and outgoing mails. It gives its users the choice to decide which emails they would want to attend and when. Unnecessary or less important emails can also be opted out of the list. It also sends out reminder alerts to follow up on the emails. Polymail’s feature of categorizing emails makes it so unique. 

8. Charlie

Constructing a mail does not merely include writing a message to the point. To make communication more effective, a personal touch needs to be added. This personal touch involves knowing about the recipient, his achievements and his social status. Charlie helps in this research. It thoroughly searches information about the recipient including the awards he received or the companies he is linked to. Acting as a personal assistant, Charlie provides personal intel about the recipients, thereby making the mail look more personal. 

9. Wisestamp

Wisestamp helps in creating a personalized business email signature to enhance the credibility of the company. In addition to the company’s name, it also incorporates the company’s logo and other social media affiliates to end the mail on a professional note. Wisestamp is a highly recognized and award-winning signature generator that offers its users a variety of templates to use depending upon the kind of business. This is integrated software that helps in branding and marketing your organization with just a simple email.

10. Gmail

One of the widely used email writing platforms, Gmail is a highly recommended email writing tool for business purposes. It allows you to write emails in a more presentable and easy-to-read format. It includes features such as sharing of links, pictures or documents. Gmail is a secure tool and it goes well with the other Google tools. Gmail’s artificial intelligence guesses what you are about to write and displays it by pressing the ‘tab’ option. Its scheduling feature helps in deciding when to send the mail. 

Email is the pillar stone of any corporate communication. It plays a very crucial part in the marketing and sales of any business organization. Gone are the days when individual letters used to be sent to conduct any formal communication. Besides, other social media applications such as Whatsapp, and Instagram are too informal to convey messages. Thus emails are required to conduct any official conversation. With the use of the above email writing tools, one can make the process of email writing much easier, more constructive and less time-consuming.  

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