Ginger Software Review: Is This Grammar Checker Worth it?

Ginger is a language enhancement software that helps in correcting grammatical errors and rephrasing sentences. Unlike other software like Grammarly and WhiteSmoke, Ginger also translates the sentences into around 40+ languages. The software not just corrects the errors but also helps in improving the users’ vocabulary. In today’s contemporary world, writing an article, mail or notice has become an important part of any organization. Ginger gives the opportunity to write content with confidence.

Ginger Software Review

Features of Ginger English Grammar:

Ginger provides its users with some spectacular features which makes it so favourable. 

  • Grammar Checker– Ginger acts as a proofreader to check and correct the grammatical errors in the content uploaded. It helps its users with sentence formation making article writing easy. It removes all the minor and major mistakes thereby improving the clarity of the article. 
  • Dictionary– Apart from being a spell checker only correcting mistakes, Ginger also enhances the vocabulary of its users by providing a dictionary. Highlighting and correcting the mistakes is just not enough, one must also know the true meaning of the words used in the article. Ginger through its dictionary provides this facility.
  • Translation– Translating the content into 40+ languages is what separates Ginger from other grammar checker software. With just a click, one can change the entire content into his preferred language. 
  • Text Reader– This is one of the premium features of Ginger where you can hear your article out loud. When allowed, the text reader tool reads out the entire content out loud to the user. This helps in a better understanding of your written text and its mistakes. 
  • Personal coach– Ginger also can at times act as a personal guide or coach to help you learn from your mistakes. Not just correcting your mistakes, this premium feature of Ginger helps you in understanding them so that you don’t repeat them in the near future.
  • Sentence Rephraser– Repeating the same words again and again can make your content look mundane. Well, Ginger will help you to rephrase your sentences with proper synonyms and idioms to make your article pleasurable to read, making you look like an expert. 

Ginger Software Pricing:

Ginger is available to its users in two different versions- Free and Premium. Although most of the features are common to both, users enjoy certain extra benefits from the Premium version. 

How to use Ginger?

Ginger can be easily accessed by users on their computers or laptops as software or as a free downloadable application on their mobile devices. Simply by creating their accounts, the users can access Ginger with a proper internet connection. You can either upload any file or manually write the content on the software to get it edited. Depending upon the version (free or premium) one is using, you can start enjoying its features. 

Critical Analysis of the software:

  • First of all the translation feature of Ginger, though quite unique as compared to other grammar-checker software, is not something new. If one actually has to translate the content into some other language, Google Translate seems quite easy to be used and also offers much better results. 
  • The software differentiates in providing services to its users accessing the free and the premium version. Ginger often detects fewer errors in its free version as compared to the paid ones. But the accuracy rate of the software is quite decent. 
  • Ginger has a user-friendly interface but at times it might vary in highlighting the mistakes. For example, some errors, it is highlighted in red while some are in blue.
  • The editing part of the software is quite commendable with proper descriptive explanations for the mistakes. In the premium version of the software, video links are also provided for a better understanding of the errors.
  • Ginger is a well-built software with a 24*7 responsive team. Although it lacks any facility of a live chat or call, its email support team is active and cooperative. 

Which version of the software to use (Free or Premium)?

For new users, the free version of the software is recommendable. Slowly as one gets accustomed to its features, he can upgrade to the paid or the premium version. For students or the ones who need a bit of assistance with their work, one can opt for the free version. But for professionals like bloggers, authors or for creating corporate content, one should go for the premium version. This is so because the paid version offers some extra benefits to its users which are helpful to professionals in the long run. 

Should you use Ginger?

If you are determined to write an error-free article with maximum accuracy and clarity, Ginger is surely the one. With the amazing features and benefits it offers to its users at a low cost, Ginger is worth using. Keeping in mind the comfort and suitability of the users, it also provides a 7-day refund policy without any hassles. The inbuilt detection system of the software checks and omits any indecent language or words used. It also helps in suggesting alternatives to the style of writing or the words used repeatedly.

Although it is no match to a human proofreader, Ginger guarantees its users with maximum accuracy in spell-checks and grammatical errors. Whether you are writing an assignment, blog or business document, Ginger helps in delivering clear and pleasurable content. Not just correct, Ginger also lets you learn from your mistakes with the availability of suitable explanations and videos. 

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