WhiteSmoke Review: Features, Pricing and Important Points!

No matter how experienced a writer is he would never miss a chance to double-check his content with a tool. One of the best grammar checker software, Whitesmoke is a great choice for businesses. It is one of the cheapest proofreading software with its recent interface update in 2018. Whitesmoke uses artificial intelligence and language processing technology to enhance the provided content in English. 

WhiteSmoke Review

Features of Whitesmoke:

  • Grammatical errors– Well-known for its correction of grammatical errors, Whitesmoke detects the mistakes and corrects them. Whether it be a punctuation error or a spelling error, nothing gets undetected by this software. 
  • Sentence Structure– Keeping in mind the writing style of the user and the kind of sentences, Whitesmoke helps in improving the structure of the sentences. It identifies errors in the sentence, and corrects them making them more clear.
  • Translator– Not just editing and checking, Whitesmoke also serves as a translator for its users. Although it does not feature many languages, the translator option in itself is a great service.
  • Templates– Whitesmoke offers various templates to its users depending upon the type of content which is processed. Templates include those related to financial matters, letters such as apology letters, love letters or anniversary letters. This saves time in formatting the documents. 
  • Tutorials– Alongside correcting the mistakes and providing explanations for it, Whitesmoke also provides video tutorials to its users for their better understanding. 
  • Dictionary– The availability of a dictionary helps in understanding mistakes and adding synonyms to the content. 

How to Access Whitesmoke?

Whitesmoke is easily accessible on all browsers such as Firefox, Safari, Opera and Chrome.  Apart from this, the software is also available in an application form on Android and iOS. Whitesmoke Essential is a widely accessible version of Whitesmoke which is compatible with any web browser.

Presently, Whitesmoke is using 92 technologies for its website, including technology products and services such as Google Analytics, HTML5 and jQuery. It is available in application forms such as Whitesmoke Writing Assistant and Whitesmoke Assistant Pro. 

How Much Does Whitesmoke Cost?

Here are the two WhiteSmoke pricing options for this year. Either you have to pay for a yearly or 3 years plans. The more years you take the more you will get a discount.

  • Web Plan – (5$/month for 1 year plan) & (3.47$/month for 3 year plan)
  • Premium plan – (6.66$/month for 1 year plan) & (5.55$/month for 3 year plan)
  • Business plan – (11.50$/month for 1 year plan) & (8.82$/month for 3 year plan)

Is Whitesmoke Worth the Use?

As compared to the other software, Whitesmoke is the cheapest software with a user-friendly interface. Whitesmoke’s translator translates the content into many languages, but only converts the sentence verbatim. In this case, Google Translate or any other software is better recommended. Providing templates and saving users’ time is one of Whitesmoke’s unique features but the language used in the templates is rather comical and erroneous.

This evades the use of the given templates. Just as Microsoft Word. One of its cons is the unavailability of a free trial version. All of its competitors like Grammarly and Ginger provide its users with a free trial, unlike Whitesmoke. Neither does it provide a monthly subscription for its users to even try the software and check its reliability. 

Whitesmoke uses a lot of algorithms and language processors to review and edit the content. It carefully analyzes texts and then provides the best solutions and alternatives. Whitesmoke is designed to tailor to the specific needs of its users in the corporate field or any other event.  Designed and set up in 2002, Whitesmoke is a leading company in today’s world instrumental in enhancing the content provided by the user.

At a time when most of the interactions are done in the English language, having a strong command of English is imperative. Because of its services and reviews, millions of users are enjoying its benefits. The idea of getting an error-free and presentable article just by the click of a button is enough for the users to use this software and benefit from it.  

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