Grammarly vs Microsoft Editor: Features, Pricing Comparison

Given the paucity of time and money, many people nowadays are searching for web browser extensions to aid their writing skills. Many software is being designed to assist the writers in their works. Grammarly has long been the widely known solution to writing issues with its other competitors like Ginger, and Whitesmoke. But recently, Microsoft has taken out its own form of Microsoft Editor. 

A US-based advanced technology, Grammarly uses natural language processors and artificial intelligence as writing tools. It is a widely used software that offers significant assistance to writers who look forward to improving their writing styles. Grammarly provides grammar and spelling checking services to its users. It also comprises in-built algorithms which help in deep learning and process information accurately.

Grammarly vs Microsoft Editor

An emerging digital assistant coach, Microsoft Editor is an excellent tool to aid in your writing. It provides its users with the confidence to write in more than 20 languages. Although it lacks some advanced features, Microsoft Editor helps in creating content in impressive prose styles. It uses artificial intelligence-powered tools to detect and evaluate grammatical mistakes in the content. The Editor provides user assistance while composing the email and other important documents.

Features of Both:-

  • Grammar checker – At a basic level, both Grammarly and Microsoft Editor offer grammar and spelling checker services. Like all other software, these two accurately detect, highlight and correct grammatical errors. Along with this, it also provides a valid explanation for the mistakes for a better understanding of the users.  
  • Availability on web browsers-  Grammarly works as an extension with Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Firefox. While Microsoft Editor has its coverage limited to Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Both these software work on Windows 10 and macOS. 
  • Plagiarism detector–  One of the renowned features of Grammarly is its plagiarism detector which analyzes the content from over 8 billion websites to make sure it isn’t plagiarism. On the other hand, Microsoft Editor being a recent software is yet to include this feature. 
  • Goal direction–  Every content is written keeping in mind a certain goal. Grammarly while editing takes into account the purpose to be denoted. This feature is absent in Microsoft Editor which edits the articles more from a language point of view. Grammarly asks its users about the goal of the content whether it be SEO-related articles or something related to academics, and then proofreads the content accordingly. 
  • Tone detector–  Grammarly has an in-built tone detector for the style of writing such as formal, casual or informal. Besides it also modifies the content keeping in mind the kind of audience. It edits the article accordingly if the audience is a knowledgeable one or if the content needs to be technical or story related. Such advanced features are absent in Microsoft Editor. 

Keeping aside the advanced features of other software and Grammarly, Microsoft Editor being a new and emerging software possesses some basic, limited features. It is suitable for general usage. 

Pricing plans:

Both Grammarly and Microsoft Editor offers their users certain services free of cost. Although there is a wide range of features one can avail of by using this software for free, upgrading to the premium versions would benefit the users a lot.  

Grammarly pricing plans:

Grammarly is available in two versions- Free and Premium. The Premium or the paid version involves the following pricing-  

  • The monthly subscription costs $29.95
  • A quarterly subscription costs $19.98 
  • Taking annual subscription costs $11.66 per month

Microsoft pricing plans:

Microsoft Editor offers its users a free version to avail of the services. Besides, it offers an upgraded plan with:

  • Microsoft 365 Personal Plan costs $6.99 per month and $69.99 as an annual payment
  • Microsoft Family 365 costs $9.99 per month and $99.99 as an annual payment.

Going for either Grammarly or Microsoft Editor should be done keeping in mind your needs and demands. If you are just interested in availing of the editing services for less professional and general usage, Microsoft Editor is recommendable. On the other hand, if you are a professional writer awaiting advanced writing services for your business or blog, Grammarly would be the option.

Lastly, investing a lot for general usage of the software would not be justifiable in which case, Microsoft Editor is cheaper. But if the type of services offered is your main concern, Grammarly is highly suggestible letting go of its high pricing.  

Advantages and Disadvantages:-

Advantages of Grammarly:

  • It accurately corrects the grammatical errors in the content including any issues with the spelling or punctuation. Even the free version of the software offers a lot of features. 
  • Helps by suggesting various writing styles, keeping in mind the purpose and goal of the article
  • Provides detailed explanations for the mistakes and offers synonyms thereby improving the vocabulary of the user
  • Provides readability scores and helps in creating SEO-related content.

Advantages of Microsoft Editor:

  • One does not have to spend a thrifty amount to avail of the upgraded services of the software.
  • Besides highlighting spelling mistakes, Microsoft Editor also detects confusing phrases and poorly structured sentences.
  • It has wide coverage on browser extensions such as Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. it also works on Windows 10 and macOS.

Disadvantages of Grammarly:

  • The Premium version is quite expensive as compared to its competitors.
  • The software can never replace a human editor. Likewise, even Grammarly seems to slip through some mistakes.

Disadvantages of Microsoft Editor:

  • It lacks most of the advanced features such as evaluating the readability of the content or analyzing its tone of it.
  • The services it provides are not so thorough and detailed as the other grammar checker software.
  • Microsoft Editor is yet to incorporate certain new features to give itself a more professional touch. 

Which one to use? Grammarly or Microsoft Editor!

Both the software are equally good when it comes to basic grammar checker services. The main distinction occurs in terms of the cost and the advanced features offered. For an average user with a low budget and comparatively fewer expectations regarding the writing styles, Microsoft Editor is a good match. But for those who are much into writing and have taken it up for professional use, Grammarly would be the best choice.

Often students find it difficult to write their assignments or someone might just want their article to be grammatically correct, in which case going for Microsoft Editor would prove to be a good option. Likewise, there are writers, authors or businessmen who insist on improving their writing skills while learning in the process as well. For such individuals purchasing a premium plan which is comparatively higher than the others would be worth it.  

Thus for dedicated writers who insist on an in-depth analysis of their works, Grammarly is the best choice. It also serves a good purpose for academicians and scholars who prioritize writing content that is not plagiarized. To sum up, for layman usage or for general purposes, Microsoft Editor can be taken up as a good choice.

But when it comes to other higher-order or advanced features, it barely stands a chance to compete with Grammarly which was created with the intention to cater to the professional needs of individuals. Unlike Microsoft Editor, Grammarly frequently updates its features to match the demands of its users. Nothing can be perfect but at least going for the best is of no harm. Grammarly serves this right as it stands as quite an important tool for every writer or whoever wishes to write error-free content. 

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